Boudreaux Vineyards, LLC


The Vineyard
Nestled in the rolling hills of western Sonoma County, Boudreaux Vineyards combined all the elements needed to grow great wines:  gently sloping hillsides of well-drained, marine-based soils, and intense light, moderated by the cooling influences of coastal fog and the nearby Russian River.  The estate vineyard was located in the heart of the Russian River Valley and grew premium chardonnay as well as pinot noir using organic and biodynamic farming principles.
The pinot noir clone had a thick skin with tiny berries and a very concentrated flavor. Some say it had a hint of blueberry to it. The chardonnay clone that we had chosen is a rare and coveted clone from southern Burgundy, the Côte de Beaune region.  We maintained and encouraged biodiversity on the estate vineyard with sheep, beneficial flowers, bees, and a diverse vegetable and herb garden.  Our family nurtured this special piece of terroir to produce distinct, delicious flavors for wine.

​It was retired in 2017.
Viticulture Specifics:
            Clone:             PN 828, grafted 2005
                                    CH Côte de Beaune selection, grafted 2008
            Root Stock:   101-14 MG, planted 2001
            Spacing:        5’ x 10’
            Soil Profile:   Goldridge sandy loam with clay
Our Helpers
Meet Blackberry, Rose, Fluffy, Brix and Snowball.  Their job was to mow....and they did it very well.     Our current team is Fluffy, Santa and Blueberry.